Renewable energy systems

Slide As part of the initiative to create a renewable energy source at Teel administrative subdivision of Tumurbulag soum in Khuvsgul province, planning, installation and household electricity connection work on 30 kW capacity solar off-grid system with 360 kWh capacity storage. Slide Assembly and installation of 30 kW solar off-grid power station along with 830m overhead transmission line at the center of Altansoyombo administrative subdivision in Gobi-Altai province. Slide Planning, supply and installation of 100 kW solar hybrid power plant to meet the electric power demand at the 2nd Check point of “Gashuun Sukhait Road” LLC. Slide Project to ensure uninterrupted supply of electricity to the factory office of Mekhlopat LLC located in Khanbogd soum. Planning, procurement and installation of 4kW solar hybrid system to provide electric power connected to the grid.